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I just put Jeep YJ Wrangler Shocks on my 510.


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We had a few sets of Edelbrock Performer IAS shocks laying around new in box(long story) I started to wonder if there were any that would even be close to fitting the back of my 510. I bought the car with some junky old air shocks that I think were too short to start with. When I jacked up the car the wheels came off the ground immediately. There was almost no wheel drop. Anywhoo.... <br><br>These shocks, from a Jeep Wrangler W/3in lift none the less looked like they would work. The top mounts were a little longer than the 510 ones so I used one of the rubber fittings from the new shocks as a spacer and then used the 510 ones to mount them. The bottom mounts just needed the metal bushing pushed out and fit fine after that. Just used a socket and hammer to push out the metal bushing. With the car sitting one the ground theres still about 6"-8" of travel left in the shock. Theres probably 14" to 16" total travel. I'll have to measue to be sure, Just got them bolted on tonight. <br><br>The car actually sits a little higher in the back now. The old air shocks were so short they were actually holding the rear springs compressed even farther than its natural ride height, so the shock was always fully extended. Make sense?? This as got to be better. Edelbrock Part number is #6337. Any thoughts?? Worth a try for free right. ;) Only took one pic. Picture.jpg

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How is the ride? How about pics the height? Finally, didn't you just cut your springs?


Ride, Haven't drove it like this yet.


Pics, will do.


Spring cutting. Yes, I just cut the springs, but just the fronts. The rear already looked lowered but turns out that the shocks were just holding the springs that compressed.

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Idiot POs eh? Shock holding the spring compressed. Always imagine the worst case scenario. A fast turn with a high spot on it. As the car crests the hill, the body 'lifts' and the rear wheels lift slightly and loose traction. Because you are in a turn the back end starts to rotate into over steer.

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