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I have bolted hijackers onto my 521 without any issues other than they rubbed on something(I don't recall now), they lasted for several years, after they rubbed thru I replaced them with some coil over shocks and I installed the overload air bags, when I had the hijackers I still had the stock bed floor.

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Yeah, but it's a truck!

my thoughts exactly. lol


Does this truck have 4X4 leafs on it?

I went back a few pages, but the photos are gone so I gave up looking and decided to ask.

It does. new shocks all around too.

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So I went back a page and noticed something, you have the 2 piece drive shaft in it right now?

If you do look at the rubber piece that is bolted to the cross member at the carrier, if the rubber is deteriorating and the drive line can move to the side it could possibly start rubbing on the housing that holds the rubber piece in, that would make a metal to metal squeaking sound, and since the truck is lowered, the drive line itself might not know where it wants to be, it might not have squeaked at first till it settled into the position that caused it to squeak.

Also you might look at the drive line yoke going into the transmission, when lowered does the drive line compress all the way and force the front drive line piece/yoke farther into the transmission and maybe bottom it out, and the squeak was the yoke outside dust sheild either being forced to the side and rubbing the side of the tail shaft, or maybe the yoke is just being pushed to far into the transmission and the yoke inside is rubbing on the end of the tail shaft that holds the seal. 

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Yeah, but it's a truck!

Then do not whine when you put heavy loads in a lowered truck!!!  LOL


What size blocks re in the back?


Do you have much suspension movement front and back before hitting stops.


Measure your rear bed hieghth empty and then load your bike and measure again.


Also wuth the bike loaded look under the truck at the drive line and the bump stops if you have any.


Measure the axlehousing to frame clearance loaded.


This is one of my favorite 521s so please do not "fuck it up"!!!  LOL

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this post is for tanker.


did some wheel fitment with some titans i bought a few years ago. ran into issues. they don't clear the nubs on the hubs.




but got enough threads on the lugs to take pics. lol












hubs would need machining. rears would need grinding. not sure if i want to go to all that trouble. especially living in an apartment. on the fence.

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So if the wheel fits flush to the hub,then just get longer wheel stems. There cheap and doable. But titans are ugly in my opinion. Unless your Jrock. But its your truck and it will still look good, i just think there overdone. 

they don't sit flush. that's the issue. I still think they're good looking wheels. If they cleared i would run them. but right now i don't think so.

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