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you "should" be able to take the hose off and take it to napa or another parts store that makes hoses. they should be able to make you the exact same thing


Oh really? I didnt know they do that. So what id i use a brake hose? i lookes at them both and they seem to be identical. Only thing i xan think of that might be different is the threads on the slave.

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they should be able to get the same fittings abd some solf brake hose. just take it in and tell them you need something just like that. that lenngth, with fittings the same thread.


Ok cool ill try that. Thx.

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so did some work to her. Replaced the slave, ordered a Dorman from rockauto but part said nabco japan :D. She's back on the road and shifting great.



also replaced the rear main seal which was a bitch cause apparently the tranny doesn't come out without taking out the motor too. so it was tight trying to get that seal out.



but finally got it out and it was all nasty. the genius PO put a bunch of blue silicone around the outside of the seal, which made it a real bitch to remove.



but after all was said and done the oil leak is down to the size of a quarter.


Also polished her up with some TR-3 and took some pics. she looks clean and shiny. :wub:




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26 dollors shipped?


I would have bought 2 - 3 of them as most times the shipping is the same.



just depends of where the warehouse is I guess.


I plug in different parts and see if sent from same location as it will say on the order. if to many different places I might not order the part or buy in quantity to justify the price.


Otherwise Ill try to go to Carquest

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hey guys have another question. Just received fel-pro timing cover gasket kit and it comes with 2 different gaskets for the 2 sides.
is one for L16 and the other for L20 or something?

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got new exhaust today :w00t:

all new pipe from exhaust manifold back with 2 in. pipe and standard magnaflow

before - old ass stock muffler with what looked like 1.5 in pipe.


still a bit louder than i wanted but sounds good still.

also, can you embed photobucket video to a thread, or does only youtube let you?
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Guest kamakazi620

connector pipe - $72

magnaflow - $126.72

tailpipe - $32

labor - $65

tax - $19.61


total - $315.33


does that sound about right?

Not bad i payed 250 for mine and i supplied the glass pack 2" is the way to go unless you got a built l18-l20 Yours sounds real good

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finally got some sun visors thanks to dirtydiesel. cleaend them up and slapped them on. not the right color for my interior, but they get the job done.





Also replaced all the hood bumpers.






thought that would fix the hood misalignment. it kinda did a little bit. but not as much as i thought.






took her out for a drive and got artsy with the camera




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