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Big shop day on saturday. got  a lot done.


Finally swapped wheel studs. three were completely toast and the rest were still good, just cleaned up the threads. pics of process.


so for starters, the nuts were so fucked even the impact gun had trouble getting them off. and this is what it did.




these were the culprits.



cleaning up the threads on the other three.



clean and ready to go to work



the new studs didn't press in cause the old ones fucked the hole up.





But nothing a little tack weld couldn't fix. that's triple240z hooking me up.







Repacked the bearings and put everything back together.





and here she is with new tires all back togehter




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Today i gave her a long overdue wash and had time to polish one wheel.





still needs to be painted in between spokes, but i think they're coming along pretty good



also started to polish radiator but ran out of time. Looks good so far though.



and lastly i tried out the new wax i got on the top of passenger door. sooo much better. gonne try to do the rest of truck tomorrow





super happy my baby is back on the road. just gotta get the one-piece drive shaft balanced, go more lower in the rear and i'm moving on to give the 510 some love.

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Looking good,take a picture of those seats i want tp see how they look in your cab.I got my seats mounted and they are comfortable but you sacrifice some space in the cab,nut i love it.I will post a picture on mine when i get a chance.But iyour truck is looking really good.

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Funny you say that, Wayno.  That was my first thought when I saw this photo, but they appear to be in such nice shape that I just assumed that I was wrong.  Maybe they were reupholstered before being installed....... because the lines on them are the wrong way.  At least compared to the stock seats in my '66.  The ones in my car are vertical, his are horizontal.


Either way, they look nice! 

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I couldn't even see over the wheel in the Roadster.  I use to steal a pillow off my parents' couch for under my ass when I drove it.  But the bench seat in the truck is killing my back with my 60 mile a day commute now. 


From his pics though, I really dig the appearance of those seats in there.  I'd still probably need a booster seat if they're Roadster seats mounted on the floor in the 521 though :blush:

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u need a booster seat on a stock bench seat.....fwiw





i inturn could drive my 521 comfortably with no seat and a donut pillow



fwiw x 2 521 benches are incredibly uncomfortable ...mines on not bad caus ethe springs in the bottom are gona nad i can get down in it ....

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