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I think Wayno is thinking of the studs that hold it to the head, but if I read it right, it's the studs in the mani that hold the down pipe on.

yes this is correct.


Next shop day......we'll get it out!! B)

hells yea!

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no major updates. Just some pics.


Helped my boss move some of his stuff out of storage.


kinda leveled her out. B)





Freshly washed the day before the hwy1 fun run. Triple's z was still pristine. :console:


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Small update. Finally got the exhaust leak fixed, after a chain of setbacks.


Started to replace the flange studs, with help from triple240z, got the broken one out no problem, but when we got to the last one it was pretty rusty and guess what? it broke...flush. so triple started to drill it out when he realized his bits were dull. So i put on the manifold from his 510, but it still had an exhaust leak at the flange after it was tightened. didn't use a new gaskets cause i had just done the head gasket a couple months ago. mig mistake. as soon as i got it warm it started leaking at the bottom of the manifolds. long story short, i got new gaskets and had to use a bolt for the broken stud cause the tap didnt go in straight and fucked up the hole. cleaned the manifold and slapped everything back on. I'm happy to say exhaust leak is gone. she sounds so much healthier, cleaner and smoother. thanks for all your help triple. :thumbup:


here is what it looked like before



then after a good sandblasting and polishing of the cooling fins.



Here she is coming together. sorry for blurry pic.


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finally got a chance to put the S/T wheel on. well half of them for now. I did the rears at first cause i suspected the stock wheels were bent and caused a wobble at 55mph. I rushed it and assumed there was not going to be a problem. but of course there was. the offset on the S/T wheels is different enough that the back of the rim rubs on the shock support. and to make things worse the inside weight was banging on it all the way home. so for now i put them up front till i figure out how to deal with the clearance issue. I was thinking of just grinding down the shock support cause it's literally like an 1/8th of an inch that i need to clear. I thought about spacers but then that would require longer studs. Not sure yet. what do you guys think?


here are some crappy pics. man i really need to get a camera.










also i know the white wall doesn't look right i just wanted to see how it looked. I'll most likely flip them when i get the other 2 on. I am getting new tires. thinking of 205/60R14 with raised white letters. thoughts?

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Here are the ones from yesterday.


Grinding so the wheel weights don't knock....
























I like the wheels :thumbup: .....we should try the 215's I have on the Z.....I think it'll look even better with a wider tire.

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I like them and on the other hand its missing something.I can say this i dont like the fender well gap on the back wheels fifth picture down.And i love the truck maybe its me,maybe a staggered tire set up and those wheels polished or chromed.And for tires what do you have on there now,i'm thinking 195 or 205 in the front and a 215 or 225 in the back.

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yea i hear ya. I think it's the tires and the unpolishedness that's not jivin'. The tires on there now are the whitewalls i had on with the steelies, 175-70R14.They are only temporary. So yea i definitely need some more meat on there.

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stockton wheel...add a few inches. done.


I think the "star" matches the lines of the truck well. Very hard to pull off. Again its an offset and width issue for me. They are perfect for bagging though.


I have a set of Escalade 17's with caddy centers and blank centers and the western's I took off my truck, everything included. We can work something out if your interested.


And I'm sorry but if you going for the lowered look, you gota lose the diving board.

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sheesh old school.....your dick is small....lol .



.just being real, dont like the st.....they look to modern .....can sympatize with the sring plate grinding....with 4x4 720 leafs u wouldnt need to do that...i like the blacks on there....yor rears look like my rears ...... that offset wheel looks set in like my escalade wheels .....i have contimplated running spacers....

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