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Wanted 510 Fiber Glass or CF hood

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PM to you Rustina.


SSS510: Hopefully the guy shows up on sunday at the swapmeet. gonna get the front door panels and scuff plates.


thanks again for the replies and link.


No prob!! Here's the guy on Ebay down in S.D:


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Key is if it has the metal threaded hole to put your bolts thru for the hinges another is the reenforcements so when your drivin fast that hood dont bow up and starts shaking.

Persoanlly find a stock metal hood.

Good CF hoods go for real money and I really dont see a real weight savings, just looks cool



Yes i've had my fair share of flying hoods :lol: I used to drive a corolla and decided to import a cf hood from japan around $1500 for the part. yea i've seen quality and shady parts. The hood from japan was pretty much oem w/ a skeletal structure and all metal where it latched on and bolted to the car never used a hood pins on it.

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