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In need of a welder

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Well my guy I had lined up to help me prep and weld in my floor pans has flaked out on me like 5 weeks in a row.


Any ratsun members near Beaverton can come help me weld this and get these pans ready.


I don't have a lot of money, but beer and lunch and a couple bucks is what I can offer. Please help and thx for reading

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clarification is needed.


Welder = the physical apparatus (electrical or gaseous) used to join hunks of metal to each other.


Weldor = the humanoid or robot operating the welder.





A - You need a weldor to come over and use your welder.




B - You need a weldor to come over and bring their own portable welder.



:ph34r: :no: :frantics: :ninja: :poop: :hyper:

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Guest DatsuNoob

You can get a rented welder at any Hertz rental for what you would pay a guy in lunch, beer, gas money, or maybe even less. Welding is one of those things where anyone can do it, some just do it better than others :D If you have access to a grinder I say go for it! I'm sure you can figure it out :)

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If you can caulk a bathtub, you can weld :lol: OK, well if you cant get it done by then lemme know, I may have a couple more welding jobs to do down there.



I wouldn't say that's entirely true. There's birdshit welding and then there's beautiful welding. I'm halfway in between, probably leaning more towards birdshit, but learning.


Rustina, can you tow your 510 to the shop or guy mentioned by gcmustang? All you need is a buddy with a truck or car, who knows how to tow without yanking the bumper off. It's a shame you weren't in Spokane, I know quite a few people. And my bodyman lives a block away, which is nice.


There has to be someone in the Beaverton area who can weld and is on ratsun. Isn't Oregon like ratsun's capitol? :D

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