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Help with rear end


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hey guys sorry to bother you with my noob like questions i searched around and couldn't find any info .


I was wondering what kind of options are out there for rear ends for example ring and pinions that are higher ratio or lsd options or spools , i have a 77 710

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Only the L18 cars up to Aug. '74 710 with automatics were 4.11 equipped, all 4 speeds were 3.889. After Sept. '74 all sedan and goons were L20B equipped and all had 3.70 diffs.. All 710s came with H - 165 - B solid rear axles.



Cars with the H-165B axle:

Early 610 goons had the same H-165-B 3.889 and later switched to H-190

The '77-'79 200sx used 3.70 with the 5 speeds and 3.889 with the auto.

The A10 used 3.545 to '80, and 3.545 with L20B or 3.364 if with Z20

'80-'81 200sx all used 3.70 later switching to H-190.


My wife's '74 has the 4.11 in it and is automatic equipped. It's very peppy and up shifts very fast unless floored. From 30 on up the motor is revving pretty good and you are always expecting another shift that never comes.


I would love to swap the 4.11 into my L20B goon and use a ZX 5 speed with the big overdrive to reduce it back down for highway cruise economy.

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Shit Brian you have the H-190 rear axle. The 710 H-165 is a bit light. Find a H-190 diff from a '79 620 non automatic or a 720 long box 2wd automatic... both are 4.11s. Swap the side gears from your goon into it and there you go.

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