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Electric Fan relay control unit

Aaron Datsun

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Alright so the previous owner swapped in a nice little KA24e and a new radiator in my car. The problem is now the electric fan doesn't seem to want to kick on with the little adjustable thing like pictured below. I was thinking since I ran my own temperature gauge could I use the stock temperature gauge sensor on the KA24e and use that instead of having to push that little probe through my radiator fins? Here is my though process they are both thermo-resistors right so since I can adjust the turn on temperature in my little relay module I could just use the stock sensor and calibrate it to when I want it to turn on. Does anyone see a problem with this? if not I will press and just leave myself enough room to put it back together. Sorry it won't let me link the photo, but you can check out the fan relay control at the link.





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