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How should I be fixing this?

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Hi guys,

Not really sure what I should be doing here. When I bought my 73 240 the rear had a nice little crimp in it http://rubyz.shutterfly.com/pictures/14. I was given a patch panel with the car in case I wanted to cut out the bad part and re-weld the new one in. After speaking to a few people who have more knowledge than I do, they suggested that I just bang out the crimp and "fix" it. Well, I banged it out and have a nice little crease toward the wheel well http://rubyz.shutterfly.com/pictures/21. I have tried a hammer and dolly, but...well, let's just say I'm not all that good with it and it's hard to get to...at least for me. I have thought about "lead" or just cutting it like I originally was going to. Please, any ides you have would be greatly appreciated. If you can't see the pictures, please let me know and I'll get that taken care of. Thanks...Justin

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I would put on the patch. It is really quite easy to do if you can weld. cut out the old pice and test fit your new one triming as nessasary tell it fits pirfict. weld it up, some grinding, a little body filler, primer and your ready to paint.

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