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80s Pathfinder Rear Leaf Springs on Pickup?


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I want to lower my 620 about an inch to an inch and a half more but stiffen it up at the same time.... I already have 3" blocks but really don't think 4" blocks will be safe... so....


I was looking through some thread and saw a couple that said 4x4 720 Rear Leaf springs COULD be used to lower and stiffen the rear end on a 620.


Found a ton of 2WD 720s but also came across a Older Pathfinder, Oddly enough had the same grill as a 720 nothing i've seen before... I also noticed it had De-Arched Leaf Springs in the back same as what was described on the thread (720 4x4 Springs)



Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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You will need to notch it....


nah... on my truck, my springs were inverted (bowed up) about 3in, and i had a 3 in block.. thats when i was on the frame before i notched my truck...


the 4x4 springs with a 3in block would make it flush with the right set of wheels and tires.. youd prolly only have like 3-4 inches before the frame, but you said you had airshocks... so you can lift it whenever you need to..

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I'll see if i can go back inside ( They're one of those give me a part i'll take it off you come back and pay me shops)



Definitely had a Four Square Headlight grill, and rear leaf springs, and was a Nissan.



I want to drop it as low as i can while not having to notch it which is why i want the rear to be pretty stiff, but my goal is just to barely tuck the tire or probably .25" space between tire and fender line.

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