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wtb 2 door 510

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i have acutually bought to 69 2 door 510's with striagth bodys for close to $1000 for my 2 friends! so im trying to find another to convert to rhd drive becuase my buddy wrecked his rhd 4 door and i took it for parts!


might be easier to find a 4door to convert, doubt you can get a clean straight 2door in L.A. for $1k...but if you have time i guess it doesnt hurt to try..

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Here is a $1k 2 door

Compete running gear, (it'll be a roller) all the glass (except ft window) all the doors, fenders, truck lid, hood, etc. There are alot of parts not on the car but come with it, I have 24 510s in my yard right now, so I'm pretty sure we can piece together most everything you'll need. Kinda surprise this one is still here, because of how clean the shell is. There are a few parts i do not have, tail lights, good bumpers, and a few other parts i don't remember.




Heading to L.A. for $200 extra i will tow it to the swap meet and meet you there


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wow 1k for that thats a steal i got mine with a running engine and trans windows both front and back light front bumper no bak one and it only has some rust on rear trunk for $600!

So if I got mine with a show quality paint job and clean SR20DET swap for $200, does that mean you got ripped off? :logicfail;
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