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EI dizzy on rockauto...


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I am looking to upgrade the ignition system in my 620/l18 to a matchbox dizzy. I read the stuff on here and the jason gray thing, and I was wondering if a remanufactered distributor from rockauto for a 1979 l20b would do the trick (it's only a little more pricey than a JY part, due to the wholesale thing going on). If it's good to go, is there anything else I will need to do the swap? Also, because it's going in an l18 do I need to modify anything on the motor to fit the dizzy, or is there an aftermarket bracket available (couldn't find anything)?


Here is a link to the part; it's the cheapest one:







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If that price includes a new vacuum diaphragm, it is a great price, since the vacuum unit itself is around $30. And the majority of JY dizzys will have a bad vacuum diaphragm. I think to mount this on an L18, you need a distributor pedestal from an L20, although that may only be true for an L16. You should be able to get this part without the dizzy for pretty cheap at the JY, or maybe someone here on Ratsun has an extra. I'm not absolutely sure about the pedestal difference, so hopefully some else can confirm that.



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The '79 dist, the ignition module is part of the distributor.


I have no idea what you have now- '77 California version was the only '77 with electronic from the factory, but it used a remote ignitor and hence must use the remote-ignitor dist (76-78 type, cali only for 76-77, all States 78) A '77 49-State version would have had points, no ignition module at all. If you have a module, it's either a Cali truck or someone has swapped dists and ignition systems already. Since you engine isn't stock, God knows what's in there now.


Also, for the '79 dist, you would need the '79 dist pedestal. While it's possible to make SOME other pedestals work, some won't work at all and make it impossible to time. The Rockauto ones do not come with a pedestal.

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Okay cool, that was very informative. It's running a points distributor right now... I ordered the distributor from rockauto, a used one at the u pull it was listed for around 40 bucks, so I figured i might as well get a remanufactured one for a couple bucks more. I also picked up a 12v coil, so hopefully this will be good to go (famous last words). I will scrounge around for the pedestal, if anyone wants to sell me one i got real folding money.


Thanks again for the help, i will post an update with results.

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i sell you the one you already have ;)

use that one!


did you get the close out one?

let us know how it is


lol i hear you. I read a post where a guy shaved his points dizzy pedestal with an angle grinder (i guess the pedestal was to tall to let the dizzy fully seat/engage). If i run into the same problem i will give that a try first; hopefully i will be able to time it okay.


Ya it is the closeout one. I will update this post when i get it in.

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Copy paste!!!


Not exactly in the center but whatevers... That is also that valance you gave me. Its being used and hopefully abused!


That is what I was going to tell you. I learned that your 4 cylinder dissy pedestal is the same for a 1980 280zx. I was using a 280zx pedestal but I thought it was not the same as the 4 banger dissy. When I got yours. THEY LOOKED EXACTLY A LIKE! So i looked up the part numbers for a 280zx and a 1980 720 pickup l20b.... SAME PART NUMBER!!!!!




Sorry buddy! If i would of known I would of not bottered you about that... I am saying this so that other people could know...



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I ordered one of these reman units and can confirm it comes with ignition module and vacuum advance unit. The ignition module does not appear to be OEM and the vacuum advance appears to be a cleaned up original.





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