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the wife's 260Z


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well i noticed i didn't have a build thread for the wife's car. so here it goes... She's got a 74 260Z, we recently did the 5 speed swap and flat top SU's swapped out to round tops 4 screw. we have tried a several sets of wheels, she still isn't too thrilled. the woman has expensive taste for wheels and a thing for curbs! did some fiberglass repair on a spoiler, got it mounted. Hey John, Thanks for the spoiler. you kick ass! so far we are pleased with the car.




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this car has had a stalling problem when making a turn. i have finally slain this Beast of a problem. i wiggle tested the whole harness while the engine was running. i found the problem was under the dash on the pass side. it happened to be the white plug for the ign. module had a wire that slipped out of the connector when going through a hard turn. the wife said she wasn't going to drive it till i fixed the problem. so i have some credit earned with the miss's now. what a pain in the ass it was. though i live to fix these types of problems. i figured i would share this if anyone has this type of trouble.


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yes, susp. is stock. i just cut two coils yesterday out of the front. it set the height exactly where i wanted the car. not too low. i will get a good pic today and post it. we had some 15x7 mesh wheels sold them got these. wife wanted these. i cant argue i like it. at least for now.

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