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Uninstalling/ Installing Steering Box ?????


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Remove pinch bolt holding the column U joint to the steering box splined input shaft.


Remove the pitman arm to sector shaft nut and lock washer and using a special puller tool, remove the pitman arm. The pitman arm remains on the car connected to the steering linkages.




Remove the cotter pin and nut from the ball joint on the other end of the pitman arm and using a ball joint separator remove the ball joint. The pitman arm remains with the steering box.




Now unbolt the 3 securing bolts that hold the steering box to the frame and lift out.

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Remove the ball joint is WAY easier than taking the pitman arm off! The spins on the steering shaft are most likely rusty so they will have a bit of resistance. Sometimes smacking a flat head screwdriver and leaving it in the colum U-joint can help. Change the fluid when you have it out would also be a good idea :)

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Well the 610/710 box is similar to the 510 and about 1/3 liter is recomended or 5/8 US pint. I would just fill up and leave a space at the top. The oil to use is the same used in the standard transmission... GL-4 80 W 90 weight should do. Do NOT use GL-5 differential oil!.

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