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SR20DET Radiator Hoses


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I know a few of you have done this swap and would love a definitive answer on this.


Ok here is what I have, S13 SR20DET, flipped crossmember with 620 isolators, and a Ron Davis radiator and I will be ordering the Datsport upper water inlet. The question is, does anyone have the part numbers for the radiator hoses? I have looked everywhere and cant find an answer to this. I cannot take a few hours to look through an auto parts store to look through their inventory since my kids wont let me without running around the store acting like fools.


Can anyone help me out on this?

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no not yet, next week i will but the top hose might be diff because of the distributor, And His rad should be flush with the core support because no intercooler so the bottom could be diff as well


ahhh, didn't realize that you were putting in a DE. I am sure someone will chime in or I will have to do it the hard way in a few months.

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