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new 521(s) owner


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well, finally jumped into the datsun world after doing a ka engine/tranny swap on a friends' 620. always wanted a 510 since a kid, but went the vw route. moved on after 25 years, and there was a void left.. met tagen and his 4 door at the end of the swap, great guy! anyways, located a 69 521 down south wa., drove it home while tallying everything that needed to be done, as it was trashed :mellow: ive started working on it, but progress will be slow, as i also fabricate and do gunsmithing as well, but it will see the road. picked up a new hood, bed, l16 frame mounts, wheels, dogleg( thx datdoug!), l16, l18, etc...


sooooo... heres some pics, nothing special.








then this showed up... apparently they are pack animals..:D






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not really an update, but after more inspection, the black one is pretty swiss cheesed, and there would be TONS of patching and seam sealing.. so, gonna make 2 into 1, with the red one being the survivor. i will collect all surviving parts from blackie for other 521 owners....


still wanting to do coilovers but i dont think its possible without ditching the fuel tank, or modifying the bed. neither is an option im interested in.


ordered front and rear brackets from beebani..


thats it as im still trying to reconfigure garage and doing buttloads of paperwork, as well as working on the wifes 68 bmw 1602..

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