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Retarded on the Internet


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Okay, I know it's retarded to argue on the Internet, and especially youtube, but there's this video I saw, that I posted a response to a week ago or something. I got too many neg votes, funny enough. For some stupid stupid reason I felt compelled to add yet another comment to it just now. Thought I'd post it up here to see if you all think it's as stupid and irresponsible as I think it is.



Yes, I realize this just gets this asshole more views, but I don't care. It's irritating me, especially the number of stupid responses to it. Of course working with the public all day long I should expect this and should have just left it alone, but what the hell, it's ratsun and it's late night! So let the asshattery begin! :D


Here was the first comment I put up:

Jeesuz, what a waste. For one, you spit oil everywhere like a fucking moron. For two, minus the head, the crank and pistons are a simple rotating assembly. You could run it to a million rpm and the result would be the same. Without oil, it seizes, fuck me, I'm in the states and I don't think I've seen rednecks do this. They would at least have the decency to jump the car off a cliff or destroy it in a manner that might be considered creative.


This just shows a complete lack of intelligence


And as if I didn't learn my lesson, here's what I posted just now:


Okay, guess what, it's still not cool. It's fucking dumb. Anyone who has built motors (and I've built 5 with the limited funds I have) can understand what the pistons do. And it is a rotating assembly minus the head. The crankshaft rotates 360 degrees and pushes the piston up and down in a circular motion. Yes they're moving up and down, but moving in a circle also. It's an eccentric, balanced to offset contradicting forces. This video is just irresponsible morons ruining a bottom end.
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How I really feel? I posted two more rants on youtube. Fuck me I'm hopeless! ;) I'm going to sleep. Oh, and the guy bashing my comments has a god channel. I wonder if it's..........du duh duh DUH!...ghettobraden in disguise? :D

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