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el dizzy 69 goon


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Ok so im putting a el dizzy in with allison box.. it belonged to me a few years ago and i dont remember what wires go where its in a 69 witch is the same that it was in before. I'm prob just KA stupid now.Its gong in my l18 wagoon. had the motor running fine then attepted to put in the el dizzy. not so much worried about timing as much as th specific wiring. any help would much appreciated.

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have the allison box with petronix el dizzy. I'm going to be running the stock coil w/ballast. Thanks





the Pertronix DOESNT need a Allison box its all self contained.


the allison should have its own shutter for the dist and a remote box.


personall the Pertronix takes care all of this.


allison was bought out by CraneCams and they called it the XR700 ,crane Cams went bankrupt a few years ago but soem of the xr700s mgiht still be out there NEW.

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