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1978 Datsun 620 Pickup Std Cab *SOLD*

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I'm ready to part with my 620 pickup. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up this truck got it in kind of rough shape and jumped in tearing it apart to clean up the years of dirt and other crap left in this truck. The seat has been reupholstered (springs repaired) floors were treated with Ospho and then covered with blue zero rust to prevent future rust damage. Floor mats are original but I used vinyl paint to make them black (which honestly hasn't really fared too well) but I do have some very nice extra black datsun mats I'd throw in. The interior is complete minus the dome light which I never figured out why it wasn't working and couldn't find an intact one to replace it with. Other wise I've tracked down some of the cleanest parts I could find to complete this interior. Door panels were blue but painted with vinyl paint black. Dash has some cracks but nothing any more serious than other 620s





Engine wise it runs good, it had a tune up and has a brand new stock hitachi auto choke carb. I've removed the emissions junk and plugged up the holes left over from all that emissions junk. Transmission is a 5speed and shifts great. Radiator was hot tanked and repainted. Air cleaner was welded up (cut off all the extra parts and smoothed over the holes) and repainted a near stock color.




Truck has front disc brakes and rear drum, they've been checked out and work just fine. I got some pretty nice slot mags off a Jeep on there. I have the original Jeep caps around too if the buyer is interested. I got some brand new Yokohama Geolander tires on there. I do have the plastic still in the wheel wells so the tires do rub at full turn. I do have the stock steel wheels with chrome trim rings and stock hubcaps which I could put back on it and knock the price down a bit.




Body is in pretty decent shape, has a lot of natural patina there is a mean dent in the passenger side fender but it didn't crack the paint. I'm thinking it could still be pulled out by some one with the right skills and tools. I really liked this trucks raw back country look and with the steel wheels and the hub caps n' trim rings it looks like a pickup your father would have owned.













Extras that come with the truck include an extra broken grill (its got a mean crack in it) the stock jack and pole, extra wiring harness and maybe a few other goodies I have lying around. Also I'd be willing to throw in a camper shell that looks like it was original on the truck back in the 70's but it is missing the rear window but still has the frame. Also have all the emissions junk in a box and the bumper I pulled off that i'd throw in on request.


I'd like to be getting about $1700 for it.


You can look at the whole restoration process here: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/20519-finally-got-my-self-a-620/ (the photos are down right now but i'm trying to upload some new photos). Here's a link to the various project build photos: Build Photos


Here are a few additional photos of how the truck sits right now:













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Why are you selling if you dont mind me asking?




After owning it for a while it really isn't the kind of truck I need. I could use a 4x4 really but over all I don't really need a truck right now and I'd rather pass it on to some one who will enjoy it more.


I know thats not much of a reason really but I'm ready to move on to the next project. My enjoyment comes more from the build than the final product.

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