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Looking for 210 or B210 automatic driveline

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As topic says, I'm looking for a B210 or 210 (B310) automatic driveline.




ga.pimm at hotmail dot com



If no one has one of these you might checkout (Not my ad): $65 for a rebuilt seems pretty decent.



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ah why would you want that heavy 5-speed? (at least I hope you aren't considering that really heavy auto...)


Oh, a couple of things...


The current lightweight 5 speed is showing it's age and suffering from abuse. I think it will last this season's autocross schedule but it's popping out of 5th gear every 10 miles or so when cruising on the freeway. Too many miles of flat tow before I realized that the driveline needs to be disconnected. The sustained freeway cruising being towed behind the suby on the trips to Packwood have taken their toll.


When the A16 finally gets assembled and put in the car the heavier tranny will be a good thing. The heavy tranny has better gear ratios for what I'm doing with the car also.


Dguy210 - Thanks for the link. I may go that way if nothing shows up here or on tomorrows wrecking yard run.


My brother, nephew and I are making a Portland Wrecking yard run tomorrow in the nice weather. Want to pick up a B310 H150 rear axle to modify and put in the 1200. My current diff is about used up and I need the extra width for the next suspension project- 225/45-13 R888's on 8" Bassett wheels covered by 3" flares. This will lower the car and add 5" of width. I'm hoping this will get the car to drive on all 4 wheels in hard corners. Current setup likes to corner on 3 wheels and sometimes 2 wheels...





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