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Where to buy 510 weather strip

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I want to buy a full kit of weather strip for my 2 door 510. Can you direct me to a site that sells it or tell me which car I can get it out from. My car didn't came with any, so I'm just prepareing myself for the rain and I want to block all the air that is coming onto my car also because it is too damn cold without a heater. Thanks guys!

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Parts for sale is a good section to search.


On the first page too! http://community.ratsun.net/topic/19688-datsun-510-rubbers-and-other-misc-stuff/


That guy who is selling these rubber parts is extremely reliable. His parts are of great quality.


His page if you want to contact him directly: http://community.ratsun.net/user/2486-zhiguli510/ His name is Alex.

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I have a complete factory seal kit for a 1971 2 door. Came from a Nissan dealership in Alberta. All brand new in packaging still and have recipets to prove what it is.


Contact me if interested.


pm sent..look like my trunk has none and my tail light is all rotten n crack. before i make the order, i want to know if anyone had use other weather strips from other cars for cross reference.

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I found some e30 at the junk yard the other day. Got the engine bay and trunk seal off the car and took it home. Mounted it on the 510 and it works great. Now just need the door strip. I'm thinking about taking off my left side and take it to the junk yard and test fit into other cars. But before I do that I want to know if anyone has done this, to save me time. Thanks

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