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Logically Loco Giveaway Spectacular!

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Hey all! Being the hopeless procrastinator that I am, I waited till the last minute to give this stuff away! I have to BE OUT of my apartment in 3 days and I have a nice collection of random Datsun Parts/pieces and some tools/electronics that I am giving away 100% FREE! As mentioned I have put off packing till now so I will have NO time to ship any of this unfortunately and I am moving to a TINY apt so anything that is not taking will be thrown away/thrifted. I am located in right downtown Everett, Wa. and will be up at all hours for the next three days. If your interested in picking anything PM for proper directions I will be checking it off and on all day. Now for the goodies! Partial list of Datsun Parts:


1. L series valve cover with wrinkle paint and elephant oil cap

2. 3 Functional L series starters

3. 2 Functional L series Alternators

4. 510 Drums in good shape and shoes with plenty left

5. NOS wheel center hub cap in PERFECT condition

6. Box of Mag lug nuts in good shape

7. Nice set of 510 window inset trim and good shape hood trim

8. Misc Ball joints and Tie rod ends

9. Matched set of strut towers (if you bring over a valve spring puller you can have the rest of my U67 head)

10. L16 exhaust mani (pretty sure its the most desirable model for L's)

11. Small black intercooler in great shape and pressure tested

12. Custom built ramp jacks that could hold a tank (see pictures)


Non Datsun Goodies:


1. Several sets of nice Sony/Numark/misc speakers

2. Good pieces of Tempered glass (makes a nice work surface on rough wood)

3. Some retro gaming stuff (NES advantage & Snes Controllers)

4. LOTS of computer video cards and working towers (think I have 4 decent working PC towers)

5. My custom built HD video projector screen that measures 9' wide x 6' tall but does NOT break down. PM/Call for more info.










I'm not trying to make any money or use Ratsun as a garage sale, I have a mega dumpster I can just throw it all in. I just NEED to be out in 3 days and thought someone could use some of these parts! This is only a partial list of everything that I will be adding and more will go in I'm sure, Come out for a drive on a sunny day and take home some free goodies!

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