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I grew up in Kansas. My father checked oil wells as a side job as being a farmer didn't pay a lot, considering he and my mom have 6 kids. He always had an 80's b210 or some other Datsun that he would pick up from someone about to throw it away. So some of my favorite memories growing up were the days that I would get to ride with my father and check oil wells in the Datsun.


Fast forward to my teenage years, I started checking oil wells using a 1980's b210 hatchback it was brown we called her peanut. I owned a 1985 Chevy Blazer s10, gutless wonder. I was doing some research and ran across the S30, I never knew Datsun made a sporty car I had only seen the b210's. I was in love to say the least.So I set about saving money and trying to find one.


When I finally found my Z she wasn't even for sale yet, the owner was frustrated at not being able to start it, I saw it in a parking lot collecting cob webs I did what any almost 17 year old would do knocked on every door in the apartment complex until I found the owner, he said if I wanted her I could have it for 2 grand. Ihad looked at the car, no rust holes in the floor pretty complete interior,straight, no real dents, only downside was she was butterscotch brown (The color I decided she was) . I bought her. Jumped her across the starter and drove her home. :D


Now Jan 2011 I am 25 and still own her. I have a wife, 3 kids, college degree, and am in the military. The car is now painted, turbo charged, and running MSnSe. Over that time I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into my Z, and there have been several times I have contemplated selling the Z including the 4 years of college when I didn't put 100 miles on her. Every time my wife has told med on't do it you will regret it (my wife is a keeper). I just got her running strong again a couple days ago, and every time I drive her I grin ear from ear and love the way she handles and drives. now I just need to wait for this dang Colorado snow to go away.


I write this to say when you grow tired of you project remember the feeling it gives you to drive it. When it stops giving me uncontrollable smiles I will sell her, but until then I will keep enjoying her. I hope that every one's project brings them this kind of joy. Datsun that is why we are driven.











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