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Quick sale 521

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Hey, I have this 521 that I am looking to pass on quickly. I just picked it up yesterday, and would love to hang onto it, but something else came up this morning and I need the space and some extra cash, so I'm putting it up for grabs here.

It's a 2 owner truck that needs some loving. It's all complete(the hood is in the bed and the grille is in the cab), but it's gonna need some interior renovation. An excellent parts pickup, but it really does have a pretty straight body. There is rust in the cab, and a little in the bed, but it's certainly not hopeless. Also, I must tell you, the windshield is cracked.. you can't see it from the pics. It definitely needs a bath. I believe the engine will need to be rebuilt or replaced, but either one of those is an easy feat. Has clean title.







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It would be neat to do military theme with this one and stretch canvas on the skeleton over the bed, like a transport. That is a really neat thing that I haven't seen before.



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I bought this truck. MicroMachinery delivered it to me on Saturday April 10, 2011.

Here is a picture of it just after delivery, in the drive way.


Here is a close up of the right door, complete with stuff growing on it.


I spent part of the day cleaning it out, getting rid of old garbage like this, TennisRackets.jpg

Here are more pictures.




Here is the engine.



I took the cam cover off, to find out where number one cylinder was timed, and it looked like this. Pretty clean, a nice surprise.


I did not get an alternator with this truck, but they left the bolts.



I bought this truck mainly for the parts, but I think it might have potential as a runner.

I did a compression test on the engine. All four cylinders showed 145 to 155 PSI, with the throttle closed. The throttle was stuck from the truck sitting. It was last registered in 1991.


After playing with the points, and the timing, I could get the engine to fire, and run briefly by pouring a little gas in to the carb.


I started a thread on this truck, it is here:


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