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A goon has been resurrected in Datsunville

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Sorry to muddy up this thread, but I seriously dislike the ghost factory wagon on so many levels.

I am quite confident that  the OPs wagon will be far superior to the GF wagon. 

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Now I really wanna see this finished.... love the trailer idea, personally never seen someone do that with a wagon....

And both being bagged.... fucking cool...

What is your intended use of the trailer...

Will you be using the doors still?


It would be funny to see with seats and everything, not sure if you could legally ride back there or not....

Keep up the good work . .

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Got the trailer back from Brian Barnes 


Its now bagged







Needs some metal magic to flatten a 510 frontend to go on that thing, a few inches from the grill back to a short cowl and the windshield.


Cut the windshield down some and stand it up to better match the door profile. :devil:

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I had thought about a two door wagon forever and ever. Then Johnny sent me some pictures of the red one and I had to strike a pose. And here we are I head back this wagon one time but things didn't work out as well as I had wanted it to and I knew I wanted that cartoonish hot rod look 20s on the back 18s on the front

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