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A goon has been resurrected in Datsunville

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we will be using a sedan gas door in place of the factory cap.


I was thinking of doing that with my wagon! I would love to see some good pics of that one.

This is going to be a awesome goon when you guys are done.

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Bitchin Keeper. You guys give me hope I will find time for the Datsuns in my garage this spring! My wife rocks. Now a wrencher, but did sew the door panels in the 521!

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Iron clad Benjamin Moore oil industrial enamel, ez application brush and roller, also seals all the cracks and craves. Me likely, been using it for years.

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wait wait....you post, but NO photos!!! Booooooo :D

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Very nice work, out of interest what would it cost someone to have a respray done like this. Keep up the work the datto's love you for it.

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With other projects we have painted for money, 510 only. Paint jobs have run from $4000-$7500 depending on how intense. But the fumes are making me crazy in the head, so we might just b retiring from painting cars for awhile.

Those that know me might say i have always been crazy, yeah i know

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And the work continues, I want smooth, baby.

Shaven door handles








This is a cool tool, allows you to back your holes, for welding shut, and helps with heat.


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And going




Got 3 of 4 doors shaved and primed ready for there next step


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Vic is recovering from surgery so she has not been able to help in the shop. But soon.

On with it I say


cut out the drive line tunnel, what a bitch this was. (cutting was ez, but welding things back wasn't)



We cut the complete tunnel from a wrecked 4 door thinking we might be able to use it. Turned out it was a bit to big at the tranny end of it. And i cut it to short wow.



You don't know how to play that, silly boy





Welded in some ends to a now open tunnel tube



Other reinforcements



Welded in the beginning of it working my way back, slowly, ended up using some of the red tunnel. Cut and trim and weld, repeat.





More to come

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After a trip to P town, we got back to work and Victory is back in the game.

Finished the tunnel and ready for the sealer.









Afterward, pulled the gas tank and started cutting all the unnecessary crap out form under the cargo area.



Also made the plunge into the gas door area. I will get a lot of pics of this as we get more done.


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Sealer huh? I'll be taking out my seats and wire brushing th floorpans for sealer this spring/summer. POR15 is the stuff? roll/brush on? Lookin' good so many cars by you and your team, I can't wait for the end result. And give us back Phil for the stories!

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NO por15, I use the ironclad by Benjamin Moore $50 gallon. We usually sand blast the areas we seal. Seams to work for areas that are sanded well also. 2 coats waiting a week between coats

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Dropped off the goon a week or so ago, at a friends shop. I'm contracting him to do some custom sheet metal work. Atom and I picked it up last night and things look great. Completely cut the rear valance off and installed a hand made custom sheet metal pan with french ed in hinged license plate with hidden hitch receiver.

I wanted the pan to follow the angle of the rear sides of the goon, instead of flowing out at the bumper bracket areas.

check it out, these pics my buddy took











Have thought about this for years. Hoping to tow this someday





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