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Rear 510 Goon Seats


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Has anyone ever done anything other than the stock bench in the 510 goon? My bench's cushion and springs are shot, and I think it's time to replace it, but I was thinking that possibly, if it could work, some nice individual chairs could be a worthy change.

So, has anyone ever attempted it? Or have advise for or against it?

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Well my Goon doesnt have a middle seat belt. I was thinking of making the car a 4 seater. Add foam to make it kind of like 2 bucket seats, but level out the middle so it might still be possible to wedge in a 3rd person if needed. Glad Im not the only one thinking of different things to do.

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Yea, mine doesn't have a middle one either, and honestly, I don't think my suspension could take my stereo system and 3 people in the back, so it's best to limit it to two! :D

I was thinking of totally removing the bench, storing it somewhere of course (it could make a nice couch for my room?) and then bolting in two individual seats. Think there is enough space in there for that? I have 240z seats up front, so I have to figure out what would fit and match those somewhat.

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Datside: the wagon has no back brace for a seat like that. The wagon seat folds down, it has a hard metal back with latches at the top on both sides. It could still work, add a back plate and a latch on both sides. I at least want to retain the function of the folding seat.


Your seats I believe are out of a mk3 jetta and/or golf. They made K2 versions of those cars.

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So the thing with the seats you want, They like to mount to the ground on rails usually. The Goon has a raised floor where the lower seat is. You need a seat that is low enough that the bottom, when in the car, is as low as or lower than the current bench. Also you will need to make sure it doesnt hit the roof. Grab the seats from a common car, but something sporty, that way it will be easier to grab another set for the front so they all match.

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My lower cover is in pieces. Either need to reupholster it or get a different seat.

Reupholstering the rear lower seat is probably the simplest and lowest cost option. I reupholstered my bucket seats with the help of an adult school upholstery class, lowest cost way to go and comes with expert advice from the instructor! Instructors are bored with couches so will give you much attention in your project. Back seat cushion is a snap compared to 2 bucket seats. Get material. Lay out on top of seat. Cut with an inch to inch and a half margin. Get welting if needed from fabric store. Sew to foam backing, if you can't get access to an industrial machine, just rotate the wheel on the right by hand. It will take time but the results are superb. Attach to wire frame with hog rings over new jute and foam padding and you are done. I backed up the jute with the thin polyfoam sheeting sold by move yourself store to insert between plates when you pack chinaware.

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