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Hi there, I am Hugo. Newbie, owner of a 82 210 love it since I got it. Two seatter, roll cage, A12eng and A14 hoval haed, 4sp. with 14" Z rims with a crack muffler. Funnie thing about my car, I got my car five in half year ago from this old lady original owner, for $500 buck . I sold the car after two in half years later in craiglists for $1,500, with no receant for it, stupid me. A year later I was tring to get one just like it, because the great gas millage. Then what do I see in craiglists year later, my car the guy was selling it, din't have room in his house. I call with him not know that I was the prebies owner, I got my car back for $600, not in same shape but I got it back. true story .



Never like the front bumper or lic plates, nock on wood, but never got stop by police.










This may go in to it , or ca18et 5speed that I got from bob from fontana



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I saw the car in the parking lot in Long Beach JCCS...Took a photo...didn't have the rollcage or those seats that day I believe! :cool:

Same color as the 210 I loaned my brother...I for one LOVE the BIG BUMPERS..too many stupid people out on the road who can't drive and can't even park for S##T!!! :angry:

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True-that!!! Im stiil looking for jdm bumpers, gril and square flares.:blink:


The front bumpers do pop up on ebay from time to time, usually being sold out of Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. Not cheap to ship, but cheaper than coming from Japan. :P


I've seen new ones on there for $100ish.

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Well my interior is made of five diffent junkyard cars, in period of 5 years. Taking time each month in the junkyard, any one could do it . I have been tradding all the 210 inteiror to the 310, witch the 310 I am going to keep and 210 sale soon, I need the room.:confused:



even the vin's numbers on the dash.

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Making my bumper lighter, 30ps off .:D



Making the end shortter as well, taking 3"off. In the back of the corner bumper has a stride line that helps cut stride, to take those 3"off . I glue them together and sand them down. Some mods and trimming.




Just like the rear Jdm toyota corolla bumper, pushing the bumper in. F**K THE DECK(bench, couch, tailgate etc.) BUMPER :lol:



post pic when I done.

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Nice B310.


A12eng and A14 hoval haed

All 1981 & 1982 A12 in USA got oval port heads. However, it's not the A14 oval ports. The 1981-1982 heads have smaller ovals. Earlier A14s had larger ports. The 1981-1982 heads are swirl-port for the most power at lower RPMs, that's why they get such good fuel economy.

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