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'69 510 gauge cluster traces


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So I've got myself a little problem that I'm hoping somebody can help me sort out.


The gas gauge and temp gauge stopped functioning on my cluster. So did the lights on the right side (when you turn on your parking/headlights). So I finally got around to pulling it out so I can check the bulbs and maybe see why the 2 gauges were not working. When I got it out of the car I noticed that the trace that runs from one of the pins to the 2 gauges had burnt and no longer made a connection. Soldered in a jumper wire to fix the connection and my gauges were working again. Still no lights on the right side. Pulled it out again and noticed a small burnt area on of the lights. Patched that up. Put it back in. Still no lights. Pulled it out again and notice that the fix I had on the light had come undone again and the jumper wire I had for the gauges had also burnt (but still had a connection).


Aside from having the cluster out while I was putting in my steering column ages ago I have not touched/modified the cluster in any way. And as far as I can remember I haven't messed with the main harness at all (I'm going through it to double check just be sure). Does anybody have any idea as to why the traces on my cluster keep burning off?

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This is a guess.

A lot of wacky electrical problems are caused by bad grounds. It is important the that the battery grounds to the engine, and the body. I also think there is a ground connection on the gauge cluster.

It is really important that the engine has a good ground to the body.

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