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steering wheel setup

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New 510 owner and just curious as to what you guys and few gals are running for steering wheels and what not. Reason asking is because I'm looking to replace the stock steering wheel I have with an aftermarket one along with the detachable goodies & lock but wont be buying all at once and the wheel will most likely be used. So my question is are the hubs for detachable wheels universal and if not where can I get one the will fit my 510? Advice on what company to go with is appreciated


Thank you

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The search function is garbage. You will get threads popping up that have "steering" and "wheel" and "adapter" and "510" anywhere in the post, and that is most of the threads on here. Using search on any forum is a pain in the ass.


I can't answer your question, but I'm sure someone will soon. Most people use grant or momo, there's actually a guy who can get you a grant wheel and adapter for under $100 on here, check the for sale threads

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No grant with nrg. Only momo and Nardi bolt patterns. The novelty for the quick release has worn off. It's actually pretty useless. Moves the wheel closer to you. I run a momo hub to nrg. Black on black leather Nardi . I borrowed atoms trash find luisi. eBay had the hubs.





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Thanks phil I'm the guy who snagged the baby blue on from james 2 weeks ago. You and atom did a great job on the motor it runs good. I'll look into the setup you mentioned, its been tucked away until I can put some kind of anti theft on it

Sweet glad it worked out!

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Browsing Yahoo Japan a while back my brother and i found a hell of a deal, 12 Nardi, Momo, Personal steering wheels for 60$

Two weeks and they were ready for pick up... here's the ones we chose to use.


His Z, Nardi 330 (Temp Horn Button)





Mine, Not sure what size it is but it's huge! Perfect for the truck. Date Stamped on back 4-76


Nardi Classic IIRC



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I wouldn't waste the money on quick release unless you have a really hard time getting into your car. I've never been to sure about the anti theft aspect of a quick release. :-D




That looks sweet, I'm a little guy getting in and out is no problem. I want a smaller wheel and hope to find a short hub that doesn't stick out too far

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