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Bolt-on Over Fenders / Fender Flares


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Any idea how to make this work on a 4 door??? :P


Look up the supra wagon.


also: http://www.racingonthecheap.com/the-rear-flares-go-on/ and then My linkhttp://www.racingonthecheap.com/510-wagon-rear-flares/




Just a few ideas. I really like ZG flares. I am really thinking of adding them one day, like when I have money.

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The ZG flare has too big of an arch and would require either a large rim to look right or cut up the flares. After measuring my 240Z wheel openings, it would take extensive work to 'shorten' the ZG flare for a decent fit for the 510. I ended up using early Toyota Corolla SR5 flares off Ebay. These cars have a lower body line that the flare lines up with but its not really a big deal.










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There is a red wagon race car ,in project datto ,,page 4 titled "Wagoon race car" ( Troyt ) then on page 4 post # 75 , there is a link and it shows the underside of door / body cut out ,and how piece was welded in to seal it. I know the long way there,, but i have no idea how to link one thread to another..

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