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320 wing vent window seals


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Hey guys I know this isn't the first time something has been posted on this, but I think the last post got kinda side tracked onto another subject. For all of u guys that have show-worthy 320's what did u do for the wing vent window seals? Both of my 65's are cracked beyond repair, and I don't really know of any options on how to get new ones or to make mine right, I figure I just gotta come across the right person for answers, or were these guys just lucky enough to have the seals in good shape???? I do need the seals for the other windows but these are my concern, I'm pretty sure I have a line on new seals for the front windshield and the rear window too.. Any help or ideas would be great!

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What needs to be done is find a good set somewhere, even used as long as they are good representations, then take them to Clauss studios, and see if he will make a set of molds for them, molds are expensive, but if he can sell enough sets it might be worth his time. He makes small rubber pieces that are out of production, not just car pieces. The problem I see is there is not a big market for 320 stuff, and the other problem is datsun people are generally cheap and will live with old crap before finally giving in and spending the money. But you have to convince Mr. Clauss that he should make them. He also makes taillight lenses, but we are still waiting for him to make a new mold, we are hoping he will make one this year. :unsure:

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