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WTF is this thingy?

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This is the best picture I have at the moment, but I'm not sure what it is. I'm cleaning up under the hood and removing EVERYTHING I can that I don't need.


The piece in particular is the black box mounted on the firewall next to the VIN plate above the valve cover. I'm not good with wiring diagrams unsure.gif



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I think that is the intermittent wiper amplifier. To check it, disconnect it and see if your wipers still work.


Tried that and still had wipers blink.gif


Think the IWR is behind the fuse box based on the diagram, but haven't taken the time to verify.

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dood that looks exactly like the wiper amplifier. But the 210 has it under the dash, while the Sentras had it on the firewall right there...well over to the right side a bit more...




Thats what I thought... but when I unhooked it I still had wipers.. huh..



I'll have to trace down my manual so I can run through the wiring diagram.

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The photo above is a 620 amp (has five terminals). The B310 one should have all six, because it has two intermittent positions instead of one.


unsure.gif That's it for sure.


Hm.. maybe I didn't un-plug it all the way when I went to check it. I'll have to try it again tomorrow.

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