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Cut Springs??


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I have a 72 510 wagon that has front springs with original suspension. (when I bought it which is recently) springs were cut and steering seems to pull to the left. looking into the wheel well the left side spring seems to fit completely hidden on top of strut, but on right side , spring seems to be sticking out (ie., is visible) could this be the reason why car is pulling to the left? (it's not the tires, I just got four brand new ones) or is it because when the springs were cut , they were cut unevenly? will any other stock spring work , maybe from another model/yr (eg., 240sx) and still lower the stance if I replace my cut springs? Or can I get the springs recut to be more even? Or does the one spring that is visible just needs to be adjusted so that both sides are of the same height? Thanks for any input .

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Can't see how anyone could be that dense to cut unevenly. Maybe one side is broken? My son's Olds had front coils and was sagged... one was broken (2 pieces) the other had two breaks (3 pieces) so it happens. I had an '82 Omni and left turn was fine untill you tried to return the steering to the center. It was stiff and would let out 'bong' and the steering would be fine until the next corner. Turned out to be a broken spring and the sharp edge would dig into the strut tower and catch there. Steering effort would try to unwind the spring until it jumped loose.


If one side is lower it might affect the steering geometry on that side.What were the old tires like on that side? Badly worn on the edge?

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I'd check your T/C rods and bushings...... .. .. is the steering loose??? ........ .. are the tie-rods bent??? .... bad alignment?



and the springs sound like a nightmare too ...... :rolleyes: ......... welcome to owning a Datsun ....... ... (they are cheaper as lawn ornaments)...... :lol:

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When I got my goon it had cut springs up front and a huge lowering blocks in the back. It rode so bad and the bump steer was horrible! First thing I did was do a 280z conversion with coilovers (adjustable!) up front and then took out the blocks in the rear and flipped the bottom leaf and got some new shocks. It made a world of difference in handling, ride, and the car no longer pulls to the side. Also, all my bushings were worn, and the steering was super loose. Make sure you check your tie rods too.

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unless you so a obvious proplem with the spring I say get a front end alignment. put air in tires to match.

these cares are 40 years old and most havent had a front end alignment in a long time


maybe spring wasnt seated in the perch correctly.


That could be it. "sitting in the perch correctly" which I previously referred to as "adjusted" thanks, now that I know this could be the problem, I'll check into it. thanks again

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