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U60 Cylinder HEAD

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Of all the L-series head castings, the U60 is the only one I've never seen. And it's the only non-race version I've never owned. Supposedly it was used on very early L20B-equipped 1974 610s, but it may have only been used on very early non-export L20Bs.


Supposedly the specs are identical to a U67.

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U60 was sold by Nissan Competition as an "SSS" head.

* Uses non-stock intake manifold.


Specifications are the same as 11041-U8880 except that intake port diameter is 1.5".


Used with any high performance Datsun engine utilizing a stock intake manifold. It has a 41cc combustion chamber and 1.25" diameter intake ports. Valve size is 42mm/1.65" (intake) and 35mm/1.38" (exhaust).

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My 74 610 came with the U60...Unfortunately it was junk as it overheated and cracked! I was also looking for another U60 just to keep the numbers original on my 610. No such luck at the time so a U67 was installed...If the price was right and funds were available I'd buy a U60 right away just to keep the car original! :D

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Dunno, I don't see those part numbers in any of my parts catalogs. I didn't see it in the Datsun 710 or the Nissan 710 (JDM) catalog.


SV might indicate a 'service' part, which wouldn't necessarily be in the original paper catalog.



gzilla what heads were :


11041 U6002

11041 U6001SV ? Could these be U60 open?



11041 U6700... looks like this is the U67 head used for '75 L20Bs in the 610

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