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I have a '77 B210. I was told when I purchased the car, it had an engine out of a '76 510 pickup. The engine identification reads A12 699854. Is there any way from this number to tell what year the engine actually is an maybe any other information that will make it easier when buying parts??


Thanks in advance for any help.

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what the shit? There is no 76 510 pickup, maybe a 620?


Look at the side of the block, right below the 3'rd spark plug, grab a rag and wipe off the flat piece thats there. and you will see what the motor says (given the fact its an L series) I dont know how to on the other ones, never messed with em.

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True, the B210 never sold in the US with a A12. But the A12 was still produced for non-US markets and shared the later modified castings. The '74ish-80s A12 was more like a A14 than the original A10. Then there was the A12a, which wasn't the same engine at all.


The fact that he has the dist under #1 plug means it's an early, though 1973 model year, A12. All later built A-series engines had the dist under #3 spark plug to clear the relocated alternator.


But bolting an early A12 into a B210 wouldn't be an easy thing, at least not without fabricating mounts. The motor mounts aren't in the same place as the A14, nor is the alternator mount (driver's side on an early A12, passenger side on an A14).

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