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1964 320L Barn Find


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I hope you don't mind me joining and posting so quick but I just inherited a 1 owner, 1964 320L from my Dad. I don't want to, but I need to sell it. I am quite ignorant of the trucks value, which is why I am here. 1964 was the first year that Datsun sold the truck in San Antonio and this is 1 of 2 sold that year. So locally there is nothing I can compare it to. The truck is 99.999% complete. The only thing I see missing is the driver door mirror, and the dash plate that was there before my Dad added a radio. The engine turns free with 58K on the dash which is probably correct. The body is clean but a lot of surface rust, no body cancer nor dents. This should be VIN matching all the way through as I remember my Dad never having any major trouble with the truck. The original Jack and jack handles, owners manual and even the dealers warranty card is still in the truck. He parked it in 1995 when he could no longer afford the brake parts to keep it on the road. I know that 15 years without moving and someone has to touch every part on this truck to make it right. The truck gets a ton of interest just off its unique look but everyone that stops wants it for nothing. So here is the question what do I have and what would be a fair asking price? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I don't want to take advantage of anyone but I don't want to be the chump either. I have a number of pictures but I don't have the right USB cable right now.






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I wish I could. Everything at the old house is a time capsule. He was living on the last 5 acers of the original farm from 4 generations back. Now inside the city limits and just getting hammered with taxes. I would have to move out to move in everything that was saved a long time. The old anvel from the blacksmith shop, 2 man cross cut saw, wooden block and tackle, the list goes on and on.



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That is a good looking truck. There are a couple of other L320's in North Texas. I did not make note of the serial numbers, but all L320's deserve to be saved. If you decide to get started on the project of getting your Dad's truck running, I may be able to help you locate some parts.


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awsome truck. As pristine this is, I would keep it.


seems like there is alot of trucks out there now, L and NL, but to me, a lot are lacking the history behind it.


I'm sure my truck was flipped for profit but it's in my hands now and I want to make it a good daily driver with my touches. Oops sorry, got on that darn ol' soap box again. Here, let me get off.


but sweet classic.

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Thanks for all your input. I posted it on Craig's List for $1000.00. I had 2 emails in 10 minutes. The one with his phone number met me in 30 minutes and agreed to purchase it in about 45 minutes. By the time I deleted it I had 6 more emails. We meet tomorrow at noon for the deal. I am working on the emotions now I really want it but I really do not have the time or money. She turned over today with a jump. I have envisioned a restoration one minute, a resto-mod the next, a rat-rod like no other even a 4x4 conversion. All have been in my mind at one time or another. If I keep her I will be in touch, if I sell it I will pass on your site, he already owns a 76 Datsun pickup. It sold so fast I feel stupid over my asking price.

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I would not feel stupid about a thousand dollars, that is a lot of money for a non running L320 pickup, I bought one recently that ran and I drove it home for $400.00, and it did not have any rust in it at all. I would say you should feel good and so should the buyer. wayno




Nice steering wheel, almost totally uncracked




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