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WTB pedestal for el dizzy D4K8-08

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I am missing the pedestal on my matchbox distributor D4K8-08.


Would be great if someone can sell these parts for me! I know there is differences in

pedestals, do not know which will fit, but atleast pedestal from another D4K8-08

will fit.


Thanks, Leif



02.11. Updated text, since I found that I have the timing plate, and only need pedestal!

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I live in Norway, so will need the pedestal shipped to me here.


I dont know for sure what car the distributor is from, I bought it on ebay from

California, the advertise said it was for pickup 720 and 620. Any way I can tell

by looking at it? I have another one, complete D4k8-08(same number) that I just bought,

they look exactly the same besides on the last one, the bolt holes on timing plate ar slotted

so you can twist it of the bolts. And the one I need pedestal for has plastic bushing in lower end,

the other one is metal.


I just found that I infact have the timing plate, so only pedestal is needed!


I dont know if complete id-number can tell anything, but it is D4K8-08 0403,

followed by 22100 B9802(this is the same number on both)


Thanks for comments! :-)

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