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Found some wheels and need help!!

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Went to the junk yard today hoping to find some parts for my 720, and i came across these!!!



A full set of 6-lug Enkeis with minor flaws. I'm never lucky enough to stumble on such a find and today was no different<_<

Couldn't find the proper wheel lock nowhere in town and I spent close to $100 on alternate tool solutions. Anyone have any idea?


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Find out which size 1/2in rachet socket is close to fitting, then buy 4-5 of those sockets, take a BFH pound the socket in and take it off with a breaker bar, if the socket isn't stuck in there you can reuse it atleast once.

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Yeah Radim. I was leaning towards doing that. One of the items i bought today was a BFH.



For those who say dril it out, this plan is daunting. A big part of my job involves lots of drilling and being away from work means no pneumatic tools and no endless supply of fresh/free drill bits. Battery powered drill just don't compare.

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Bring 6 socktes, all the same size that are just a scosh too small. Hammer them on good and tight. Then get the ratchet with an extension and hammer on it while holding or jamming the wheel so it won't move. Get the half inch socket drives because they won't break as easily and you have a bigger ratchet that will handle the blow better without breaking. Buy cheap sockets, ones made in China.


Had to do this before. It works.


6 sockets because a couple might break on you.

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for the chevys we always just slammed some sockets onto it but it might not work in this case. The outside of the stud is smooth so it would be a bitch to try to get any grip on that with anything. I would say just pound a chisel in there and try to snap that center pin out or get the chisel jammed in there. You might be able to get a Wrench/ pair of vice grips on there.


There are plenty of wheel lock removal tools out there. We had quite a few of them at the shop i worked at for missing keys and stripped off lugs. Harbor Freight would probably have some pretty cheap.



Best of luck to you.

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This is what i used at my work whenever someone lost their key or the lug nut broke. they are amazing.








irwin also makes the same type of thing, and you can pick upa set at sears for a lil cheaper, truly are amazing. soak the lugs in PB blaster, whack em with a hammer, use extracter, next...

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I saw the Irwin kit and the Sears ones in store today. Both only went up to 19mm and the troublesome lug nut was 26mm in diameter. I had to spin the nuts with a BFH and a chisel. After they were off, I realized the rotor was corroded to the wheel. Five hours later, the set is mine for $107.

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