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Antique vehicle:

a vehicle must have been manufactured in 1955 or earlier to qualify for this license plate. Vehicles must be maintained as a collector's item.


Special Interest Vehicle

This plate is issued to a vehicle that is maintained as a collector’s item and is at least 25 years old at the time of application, a vehicle sanctioned as a vehicle of special interest by an established organization that provides for recognition, or is a street rod as defined by ORS 801.513. This plate is also issued to a vehicle that is a racing activity vehicle as defined in Oregon law. Vehicles may only be used for exhibitions, parades, club activities and similar uses


they are both just the plain old yellow and very blah



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2eDeYe' date='05 February 2011 - 04:41 PM' timestamp='1296952907' post='423075']

In WA you can run the original plate without tags as long as the year of the car matches the year of the plate. Plus, you only have to run on the back.






Ran plates like that on my 64 galaxie and dug down trying to get to the oldest tag. And i think it was 1965 was white and shaped like the state of washington.. Also the plates were kind of a pain cause i kept getting pulled over for expired tags,dry.gif, and the licence # isn`t in the licence # spot on registration.( can you say deputy rhetorical question ) .or at least it wasn`t on mine but that was like 8 years ago..

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Hey Datzenmike, check out my stack!!

So I guess this goes back to when the car was new. Anybody else got this goin on?

I pulled all of mine off, and found the first owner transposed the month and year stickers the first year it was registered...after pulling the stack off, I am using the old rear plate as the front plate AND I have 1973 on the month side and 1974 on the year side... FOR THE WIN!

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