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A new home for me and my 411

Terry Weaver

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I have been holding on to my old 67 411 for a loooonnnnggg time waiting to find a site like this. My 411 has 41k original miles, found it back in 96 or 7 while cutting through an alley. It was parked behind a house. At the time I was involved in demolition derbies and the 410, 411's were deadly. So $150 and she was mine. I had a change of heart as to her destiny once I started driving her. Drove it straight for 2 years. Then finally parked it to derby it. Fast forward to now where I never derbied it, stored it and am reviving it.




1967 411

1978 Civic Wagon

2000 Jeep Cheroke (hey I like it OK?)

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A taxi driver in 1963 Tokyo tipped me off to the 410 and 411 Datsun strong points. "Good car! Strong engine! Never break!" I had noticed that most independent drivers drove Datsuns, the franchised drivers drove whatever car was associated with their "daibatsu" structure, so I asked "Why?" By the way, since the odometer only registeres up to 99999 miles, you could conceivably add 1 or 2 hundred thousand to the mileage, but I doubt it, the condition of the brake, clutch and gas pedals will tell you its true mileage. "Datsun, buy it for the long run" as Mr K's favorite advertising used to say.

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