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WTB 510 Parts for my wagon

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I'm gonna try keep this updated instead of starting a new thread every time. Please remember I'm in Honolulu, Hawaii (96813) so if you can factor in shipping costs.


What I need:

Rear bumper in decent condition (from what I've read wagon bumpers are wider... Can anyone confirm or deny?)

Trans mount

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Just the cover? Did you see this?



I saw that one. I just need the cover. I'm a cheap ass. Hahaha! BTW, I gotta make another run of stickers but I didn't forget about you!


Added a 510 sedan driveshaft. Someone's parting out a 280z and I might try to swap in the transmission.

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I got a few of those parts you listed:


horn relay (minus the horns) -- used, fair condition

fusebox with cover -- used, fair condition

sedan driveshaft -- a little rusty, not sure if it's balanced or what


I can bring them down to the Kaka'ako meet if you're interested in checking it out.

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wagon bumpers are narrower and mount differently on the quarters!


wagons have a bolt that goes thru the bumper bracket and threads into the quarter.


sedans have a welded nut on the bracket and bolt goes thru the quarter and threads into the bumper bracket nut.

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Guest kamakazi620

Bump, stock transmission mount anybody? Picking up a new (to me) trans right now and want to swap it in!

Do you NOT have a trans mount??? i have a couple extras (stock) not cheap tho

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