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Hitachi Carburator adn Vaccum control Valves

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Hello fellas, I installed a rebuilt Carurator in my 1978 Datsun B210 A1400 engine stick trans.


I replaced the intake/exhaust gasket, I got the car running but I found the wires broken from the Throtle oppener Vaccum control Valve, and Throtle oppener selenoid valve!!

does anyone here know were I can find new or rebuilt replacements for this Parts??


thanks every one.

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The electrical wires won't cause a problem. The throttle opener is for emissions, it doesn't affect performance if it is not connected via electrical wire.


If the carburetor does not correctly, the problem is somewhere else. Make sure there is no vacuum leak.


since the Opener is operated by engine vacuum its parts are a potential source of "vacuum leak". See Vacuum_Leaks. If you suspect a leak, simply plug the port on the intake manifold:


•If the engine idles better, it indicates a bad hose, a bad vacuum switch or lack of 12V to the solenoid.

•Check hoses for cracks (especially at the ends), burns or other visible problems

•There is a one-way valve in the vacuum switch to prevent air from going into the intake manifold port. You can blow on the diagphragm side. If air comes out the Intake port of the switch, it is defective. Replace it or plug the intake port to disable the entire Opener system.

•If the engine runs better at speed, it indicates:

•a leak in the carb-mounted Diaphragm

•(less likely) a leak in the Opener solenoid


see http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Emission_Control#Throttle_Opener

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thanks ggZilla I'll try to check each of the vaccum lines, the car started right on after I installed the carb, and I tock the car for a good 1 hr drive at higway speeds of 75 85 and 90, at 4500RPM max, I didn"t wanna to break anything,,ha,ha,ah the car runs but when I come to a stop at iddle sucks!!!

I'll play with it tomorrow.


thanks again.

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