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free and cheap 720 stuff

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80 83 grill perfect 10.00

84 86 grill perfect 10.00

Stock l series carb works idles a bit weird 5.00

Torn down z24 complete missing a few bolts cylinders honed free!

720 brown king cab jump seats free

L series no smog intake 10.00

Single point l20 dizzy free

Stock clarion 81 720 am/fm radio works 5.00

I don't really wanna ship anything but will if buyer makes it worth while otherwise I will just toss it.

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I think I want the dizzy, though I have no idea on any of that stuff. I just need an ignition control module (ICM) for that, from say a chevy camaro? And does this work on a L16? I Think this is just a L series part.

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