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l-18 rebuild questions


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looking at getting a lL18 with a87 head that needs rebuilt, called around for pricing one shop told me i need to port and polish the head for 500 and rebuilt for 600 and add a cam and then have it balanced down to the flywheel and he would sell me a intake. he was really knowlegable about datsun engines.

this will be for my 510 i am looking for a motor that will last and have some power to spin the wheels

is this too much to spend on a L18 i got about a grand to spend on a motor so i was wondering what are some essential things that i need to have done that wouldnt run the bill up to high. is there some work i could do to lower the cost? could i port & polish it myself?


i want to stick with a L motor


he also had a race l-18 that some1 couldn't afford and he would have to mill down the heads for me to make it run pump gas said it would be 2k


so i guess to summ it up what do you guys think is nessesary for upping hp on a l-18 i know i could do some stuff later down the road thx for reading

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Depends on what is included in the head and bottom end re-build. I am currently building a L20 from the ground up and my head parts/gasket kit/bearing sets are going to cost in the same ballpark while doing the work myself. It is a little more costly to re-build an L motor rather than just swap a working one in, but IMHO well worth it! My end goal is 110-120 HP and a bullet proof engine. Spins the tires and runs till the end of time! :cool: If you need any local advice or help, let me know I am in downtown Everett :)

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Not Bill's Datsun was it???? Stay away from there.


If the motor runs good just drive it and enjoy. Shops will tell you anything to get your money. Costs can add up real fast. In a short while you reach the point where it's cheaper to swap a bigger engine in that makes as much or more power and doesn't have to strain to do it, runs on regular, idles in traffic and is easy to drive and reliable.


If your L18 is a good runner get a 32/36 Weber carb for it. And not some hunk of junk from e-bay or craigslist that is someone else's 200K worn out, rebuilt 4 times and missing some parts problem. Get a new one from Redline or equivalent that is a direct replacement and has an electric choke, adapter plate, gaskets, linkage and everything needed to convert it over. This is a proven best bang for the buck for your motor. Sure a port and polish will add 5hp at 6,000 rpms but who drives around like that. Sure a cam will add some power but usually at the expense of lower speed drive ability, poor idling, loss of economy.

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motor ran but smoked dont know the mileage gonna pick it up tommorow im thinking i should have the motor hot tanked and honed if it needs it and replace bearings and rings and any other things needed just to get my datsun on the road.


and then down the road mess with the performance mods


i talked to the machine guy at z specialties in snohomish he gave me the prices and info

i also called feltons in snohomish and they blew me off told me to call nissan dealer :fu: saying they dont touch motors but ive had motors rebuilt there before :wacko:

really nice guys in the past idk if he was having a bad day

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go to autosport in Seattle on Eastlake I think. theres a guy in back named terri. he s good at machineing parts if it needs it.


you just beed basics

valve job, get a basic one

match port the head to the intake you have. Not all intakes are 1.5 inch, Mine are


the cost is going to be carbs, cam and some head work ,just depends ,


if you want a basic daily driver just run the same stuff and put a 32/36 DGV on there and call it good.

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