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Hey all I have some stuff to put a engine together but I have a few questions.


The head I have is an a87 head and a l16 block, the block is currently board thirty over but the pistons were very damaged. I was thinking of boring out that block to fourty over and use the a87 head on it. Where would you recommend to source the parts and is there a reputable machine shop in the Portland area that any of you would recommend? Do you have recommendations for the pistons?


I have 2 of the a87 heads 1 has peanut shaped chambers, the other has round ports with a slight peanut shaped etched inside of the dish. What one would you recommend?


I know there is a problem that may come up with too high of compression which is mainly why I am posting and I know there are links for calculating compression and what not but some of the math would be hard for me to do as I do not know the specs of these heads and one of them has had previous machine work done to it but I do not know what was done.


One last question, what would be an ideal compression ratio for a higher performance driver? As I want more power out of the l16 but need it to be drivable everyday.


Thank you everyone and have a good weekend.

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I would find a running or rebuildable L20B. It will cost the same to rebuild anyway and run that. With no performance additions at all you will start with 15-20 more hp because it's 25% larger! Just something to think about.

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Every time i go to the junk yard i see a L20 or two. should be just as easy to swap a L20 as a L16. i think the L20 is a little taller but should bolt right up. another option is a L18. not as big but still better to sink money and time into than a little L16. and the L18 is the same on the outside as the L16.

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A non running j yard motor is worth $50 at best. It's a rebuildable core and if they want more laugh in their face. If they tell you it runs good laugh in their face. If it runs, prove it and take it for a drive.


A truck motor is the same as a car motor.... except that the flywheel and clutch is larger. Your L16 flywheel won't bolt on so be sure to get it with it.

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Yup. The newest L20B out there is over 31 years old!!!! WTF???? If in a vehicle and in condition to start up and run you can see (and hear ) for yourself. If you can drive it around the block or yard even better. If it restarts when hot and idles without overheating then away you go with your bids and offers. If non running it's worth it's weight in scrap metal (and labor to remove from the vehicle) or $50-$75 as a re-buildable core. Unless it belongs to a trusted friend of family member it's buyer beware.

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