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68 510 fuses for fuse box

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I have a 1968 510 4 door that I am trying to use as my daily driver. The fuse box does not have a cover and I am not sure what size fuses to put where. I am running all 10 amp fuses right now and the car starts and runs and all the light s work, but I know I probably need a few 20amp fuses somewhere just not sure where. Please help!

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One of the unique things about the headlights on a 510 is that they use a separate fuse for the right, and left side of the car. So, in essence, your headlights have a 20 amp fuse right now.


Or to put it another way, a 10 amp fuse in the headlight circuit will power 120 watts of headlights. On each side.

Reality is, if you are not blowing fuses now, you really do not need to worry about getting larger fuses.


Another unique thing about 510 headlights is that they are switched on the ground side.

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