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my sons 71 Celica RA20 #333

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this is my sons 71 Toyota Celica ST. this is the 333rd car built. the good part he bought this with his own money. He has been working on it for two years. so far we did an ass load of body work. we did a 20R swap. he has rebuilt the whole braking system. he needs to find some struts after saving some cash. we just replaced the front windshield and gasket. getting parts for this car, has been a bit of a pain in the ass. but, he is surely stoked about his car.





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i want that car just for the build number, and its hawt.



not sayin ratsun isnt the best forum ever...


but you will find these forums quite handy







i have a small problem with celica's, but 1st gens are a bit rich for my blood so i havent had one yet. if it were mine id find '75 eng mount brackets or make em and put a 22r/4AGE with a side draft or two and call it good. the 18rc is garbage, use it on your boat. AE86 parts bolt right up to it for suspension and rear axl w/disc, so parts are easy. if you can find a wrecked drifter your golden.

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2jz swap...... as a responsible parent, at this time, i cannot encourage any turbo action. he did buy a turbo for a 7mgte over the summer. i was thinking about it, and had to buy it from him and advise that N/A is the best way to learn how to drive with such a rare car. once he is a seasoned driver, he has full intentions on doing some swapping. Brian, i will be going to the Eagle Rock meet. i have your pic. you still got springs? sadly, my boy will be serving Saturday school on that day. for being a dip shit and play fighting at school. Z Speed, thanks for the heads up on those parts. he is bux down right now, he just bought a new windshield and gasket. plus, his next project is front struts.

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