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I change rims when they get dirty


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I get bored with my rims so when they get dirty I change them. This time I sandblasted them & painted them Silver Metallic then wrapped them with some whitewalls. Nothing new. Nothing special. Just a clean classic ol skool look :cool:





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Doug ,I plan on getting some tires and painting my rims white

what tire size is that?

185 75 14?

brand and cost?I was lookn at soem Coopers(made in USA)$225 from EZ tire I think.


Les Schwab has some same size whitewall for 90$ apc.made in Japan Toyos.

I rather buy american first if possible . Nothing wrong with Japan tires But I was surprised how much they charged. I wonder if their Taiwan tires are more$$$$$

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The tires are 195-75's. Some off brand that does not even exist anymore. I cant remember the last time i bot NEW tires :blink:

If you look @ Kens lite blue 521 they have the same tires only 185-75's. So either will work. I liked the white but I think it was too brite.

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